The Pre-Capture Checklist

It’s happened to us all. We think we have an awesome shot and go on our way. Later, we open the image in our favorite editor only to discover that hair, clothing or other body parts are clipping in places they shouldn’t. Some of the more talented post-processors among us may be able to fix these things quite easily. Others, like me, don’t know how or prefer not to spend all day editing. This is only one of a number of things that can go wrong in a shoot, so I’ve come up with this checklist to go through before even taking the shot.

Check That Hover


As you may know, there is no “one size fits all,” when it comes to hover-height. I can’t count the times I’ve had an otherwise great shot ruined because I later discovered my avatar was floating. So before you grab that shot, double check and make sure you are grounded first. If you are using the Firestorm viewer, you can find the hover height slider on the quick preferences button.



Let’s face it. Photobombers are annoying. I mostly run into this when doing landscape photos. It may not happen often, but when it does, it can totally ruin your shot. Before taking the shot, make sure to de-render those pesky frame invaders. Also, if you are doing a landscape shot, you can use the ctrl+alt+shift+4 command to de-render all avatars – including your own!

Watch that Clipping


At times, this can’t be helped. Not all is lost though. Sometimes, the easiest fix is to adjust your camera angle and do a bit of creative “hiding.” However, if for instance, your arm is inside your body, and it just needs to be in your shot – you might consider getting a cheap pose adjuster and moving it yourself. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can pick up the one I use here for only $299L. The real challenge is when you are dealing with another person. If they cannot adjust themselves (pose, outfits, hair) and you cannot get an angle or crop to hide the flaw, there’s unfortunately very little you can do.

So, there’s my short list. Can you think of any I missed? Let me know in the comments below if you feel there’s more that should be added.

Photos were taken at:

Le Sixieme Sens

It’s a new Dawn


9 Replies to “The Pre-Capture Checklist”

  1. Great tip on the derender. I’ve usually do it one by one. though I do like the feature in FireStorm now under World just to show friends and most likely they’re not around when I’m taking photos. 🙂

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